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Summer Celebrations

Summer Celebrations:  As I write, the aroma of strawberries wafts through my kitchen along with the cool summer breeze.  My inclination is to surrender to the moment, relax and appreciate. 

Sabbath Surrender

Sabbath Surrender:  Summer Sabbath implies Holy rest and spiritual renewal.  The July and August worship services will provide opportunities to surrender to the holiness in creation and in our lives.

Inspired by our Past, Excited about our Future

Summer visitors often ask for a tour of our historic church as they vacation in Geneva. Telling historical facts about our 220 years of Presbyterian Presence (Dr. Hart’s book title) is part of the tour. 

In the Bulb There Is a Flower

“April Showers bring May Flowers”, we hope. It has been a roller coaster winter and unpredictable spring weather-wise. During my Easter break visiting family in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois the snowfall broke a few records.


Happy Easter!  It is time to celebrate! After a long dark winter, 12 hours of daylight and the beginning of spring has lifted my spirit.

Cross Word Puzzles

Cross Word Puzzle

Recently, I have joined the ranks of crossword enthusiasts or “cruciverbalist”. (Cruci is Latin for Cross and Verbum means word.) Since I canceled cable TV, my brain needs an alternative to game shows like Jeopardy. The morning mental exercise consists of accessing words in the dusty recesses of my mind’s filing cabinet.  I may mutter a few cross words to myself as the computer puzzle stumps me. Thankfully, the program I use gives me hints and fills in the blanks. It’s my saving grace. 

March 2018 Preaching Schedule

Date Activity/Theme Sermon/Scripture
Mar. 4 3rd Sunday in Lent “Zeal for God’s _______”
  Communion John 2:13-22

Pastor Deb’s Dispatch- “The Fun of February”

Today is January 17, 2018 and I am still glowing in the warmth of the “Joys of January” event on Sunday.  Thank you for your well wishes, support, and your contributions to a wonderful fifth anniversary celebration! 

Trust Fall – Trust Call

Did you like Pastor Deb’s sermon “Trust Fall – Trust Call?”  If you would like to view or to download the sermon (PDF Format), please click here.

Ministry Goal for 2018

Let’s face the facts.  Assess our situation.  Set our short-term goals.

This is not a New Year’s resolution. Although, it is the perfect time to speak of goals and changes necessary to reach them. This is about our church’s present situation and future.