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Sorting, Saving, Dumping and Packing

Sorting, discarding, saving and packing boxes has been my daily task for the last two weeks in February. On March 1, hopefully, I will be resettled into my new house in Geneva. It’s exciting and exhausting especially during this crazy cold winter and the busy season of Lent.

However, isn’t Lent a time to sort and discard and pack spiritual essentials for the journey to the Cross? Lent is a season to focus on God and re-prioritize our lives accordingly. During March, the scriptures help us focus on four essential tenets of our faith; Sin and Forgiveness, the Commandments, Grace by Faith, Eternal Life and God’s Steadfast Love. There are more doctrines but only five Sundays.

Surprised by Hope

For those who have been Christians most of their lives, there seems to be nothing new in the scriptures. However, as there are twists and turns in life events, so there are unexpected moments of hope. Take our congregation for instance. We have several changes that may come as a surprise to you. Chris Wertman has led the choir and this congregation in song for twenty six years. I have enjoyed exploring our new hymnal and planning the music for the past two years. However, it is time for her and Don to enjoy retirement and freedom to travel.