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From the Parish Nurse

Dear Church Family,

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a caregiver as “a person who provides direct care (as for children, elderly people, or the chronically ill).” In my experience, that definition is sadly lacking. People that I know who are caregivers pour their hearts and souls into caring for others. They frequently give up their own wants and needs to care for someone else they love.

The Importance of Sleep…

Dear Church Family,

Trying to write the newsletter with less than 3 hours of sleep is proving to be challenging, I’ve been staring aimlessly at the computer waiting for divine intervention for the last 5 minutes. It has come to me that the importance of sleep and how well (or not well) a person functions without enough sleep might be my topic.

March is National Nutrition Month

Dear Church Family,

March is National Nutrition Month. I have had a number of you recently questioning me about Vitamin levels. I decided it would be a good opportunity to write about vitamins and minerals.

An important fact to remember is if you are eating a proper diet, you should already have the recommended daily allowance of these nutrients in your system. Due to decreased absorption from aging, illness and chronic diseases, it does become necessary to take supplements. However, do not assume that just throwing a multivitamin or any dietary supplement into the mix with other meds is harmless.   I had a woman on cardiac meds who decided to go to a herbalist for her stomach problems. The herbs he put her on completely negated the effect of her cardiac drug and she had a massive heart attack. If you are taking coumadin (a blood thinner), vitamin K will decrease the effect and make it more likely for you to have a blood clot. If you have issues with sodium and potassium levels, you not only need to think of the amount in your food, but what about that multivitamin? Always tell your doctor and pharmacist before you decide to take a dietary supplement with other meds. It could save your life!   

February is National Hearty Month

Dear Church Family,

February is National Heart Month. (It’s also the home of Valentines Day). I have two missions for you this month. The first is to send a Valentine to someone who is sick, shut in, unhappy or forgotten to bolster them up. Or send letters of appreciation to folks who quietly do things for others behind the scenes and never get much recognition for doing so. That mission is easy and I will make it easier by putting some cards in the hallway between the chapel and main sanctuary that you can use.