A Note from the Treasurers –

Thank you for your contributions this past year.  Your donations help to maintain all of our exciting programs.

Per IRS rules, in order to receive credit for your 2017 taxes, the church must receive and record your contributions on or before Sunday, December 31.  A final deposit for 2017 will be made with those contributions.  If you have questions, please call Alan Schenck at (315) 789-1343 or (585) 414-0175.  Thank You.

We are just completing the third full year of the Enhancing Our Mission – Phase 1 and the first full year of the Phase 2 capital campaigns.  Any contributions toward either of these should be made out to the church and designated ‘EOM-1’ or ‘EOM-2’ on the memo line.

A law enacted two years ago allows IRA Charitable Rollovers anytime during the year.  This allows folks 70-1/2 or older to transfer IRA’s to non-profit organizations tax-free.

Do you normally pay monthly bills either through a keystroke on your computer or through automatic transfers from your account?  Would you be interested in paying your church pledge the same way?  Several members already contribute this way.  If you would like to pay electronically, the Church can easily accommodate you. Your monthly, quarterly or annual pledge may be transferred through an ACH/EFT electronic funds transfer.  This may be set up either as an automatic transfer on a specific day of the month, or at a time chosen by you when you are making other payments through your online banking.

Please contact Alan for more information on these options.

If you requested or would like weekly contribution envelopes for 2018, they will be available any Sunday in December or you may contact Alan or the church office.

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!!!!

                                                            Fritz and Alan