Acolyte Ministry


Acolyte Ministry:  God Lights Our Way”GLOW!

Acolytes bring the Light into the service
reminding us that “God lights our way.

Our youth are the future of the church!  We believe it to be very important for our young people to be active leaders in our worship service at The Presbyterian in Geneva and the Youth Acolyte Ministry does exactly that! The word acolyte is taken from an ancient Greek word meaning assistant, follower, or helper. The origin of the word, acolyte is dates back to Greek and Latin words, acolytus, meaning follower. Throughout the history of the Christian Church acolytes have assisted the priest or minister in many ways during the worship.

More recently, they perform the very important function of bringing the light of God into the sanctuary at the beginning of the worship service and carrying the light of God out into the world at the end of the service.

Since ancient times, light has reminded people that God is here with us.  When the acolytes bring the light into the sanctuary at the beginning of the service, they are reminding people that God is with us in our worship service. When the acolytes extinguish the candle and walk out of the sanctuary with their lit candle lighter, they are reminding people that we take the light and scatter it out into the world remembering that God is with us everywhere. Acolyte ministry provides the youth of our church with a meaningful opportunity to be involved and serve in the worship.

If you would like more information on how your young person can become an acolyte, please see Joan McClure, Acolyte Coordinator.  It is a very special responsibility to bring the light of Christ into the sanctuary for our services of worship. Youth 2nd grade and older are encouraged to participate in this wonderful ministry of light.

This Sunday, October 15, 2017 acolytes will be trained at 11:30 am.

Pastor Deborah Lind-Schmitz