Adult Education

Adult Education

Please join us in conversations in which we explore our faith, expand our understanding and learn about opportunities for action. The topics are important, the conversation thought-provoking, the company welcoming.

Summer Sunday Mornings

There will be no formal discussions during the summer. Instead, we encourage you to join the members of the Adult Ed Committee in spirit as we worship the Creator by enjoying the delights of summer in the Finger Lakes.

Let’s Talk: Peace-making

Peace-making can take many forms. This summer we explore two of these forms– building bridges between different groups of people and learning to live in harmony with other species.

i. July 20: Kim Reisch, who has many years of experience as a mediator, will lead us in a discussion of Restorative Justice and the ways in which it differs from more traditional ideas of justice. Location: Pastor Deb’s house on Lafayette Circle. Time: 7:00 to 9:00 pm. Limit 20. For reservations call the church office.
ii. August 17: Jennifer Morris and Jim Spates will present slides of their trip to southern Africa, focusing on the wildlife and the natural environment. Tentative location: Fish Screening Room, Gearan Center for the Performing Arts, HWS Campus. Limit 40, for reservations (and possible change of location) call the church office.

Books to Read and Discuss

We have a number of interesting books available to borrow. These include Waking Up White and Finding Myself in the Story of Race by Debby Irving and a number of books on healing after loss. These are available to borrow (please return when you are through) and can be found in Fellowship Hall on the southern shelf.

We also encourage you to check out the following resources to enhance your understanding of Waking Up White.

• For thoughtful discussion questions:
• For the chance to hear the author speak about the book (15 minutes) 
• a provocative hour-long interview with the author, who is described as going from being “well-meaning” to being “well-doing”