Adult Education

Adult Forum

There will be no Adult Forum from May 29 (Memorial Day Weekend) through June 19 (Baccalaureate Sunday).  On June 26 we begin our Summer Study program.

Sunday Mornings (June 26 through August 28): Living the Questions

In her sermons this summer, Pastor Deb will be posing—and reflecting on—a question from the series Living the Questions.  We will then gather in the South Parlor after the service to watch a short film clip addressing the question raised in the sermon and engaging in conversation about it.

Weekday Evenings:  Let’s Talk

We continue our practice of holding monthly events during the summer to explore current issues in a relaxed setting.  Space is limited.  Reservations should be made through the church office or website.

June 21–Pastor Deb and the Reverend Cameron Miller, the new part-time rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, will offer a joint discussion for members of the two churches on the topic “Spiritual, but Not Religious.”  Time and location to be determined.

July 12–Don Wertman will speak on “Life-giving Seeds” at the home of Tim and Sandy Merwarth

August 25–Jim Spates will speak on the effort to restore the Dove Block.  We will again gather at the home of Tim and Sandy Merwarth.

Fall Program

September 4 (Labor Day weekend) There will be no Adult Forum.

September 11 Rally Day, with no separate Adult Forum.

September 18  Adult Forum returns with a multi-week program on Embracing Interfaith Cooperation.