Dear Lord,

Thank you for all that I have – for family, friends, pets, health, food, shelter…
Thank you for all that I am – for my abilities, my knowledge and experiences…
Thank you for all that is yet to come – for the possibilities each new day brings…


I’m going to do something a little different this month. There are so many wonderful activities going on this time of year, so I decided to make you a to-do list. There are undoubtedly things on the list that you’ve done before, and perhaps some you haven’t. Go ahead, have some fun with it!

Autumn To Do List

  • Solve a corn maze with friends
  • Sip warm apple cider
  • Make homemade apple sauce or apple crisp
  • Do a leaf rubbing or make a nature sculpture
  • Enjoy a walk (or jog) in the woods
  • Play a game with family
  • Go pumpkin picking!
  • Save the date!   There will be a Harvest Luncheon following church on Sunday, November 22nd. We hope you can join us!!