Faith & Arts

It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”.  Visual arts range from Michelangelo’s Pieta to Tiffany stained windows to the movies and even clipart. Works of art interpret and reflect our faith story. This summer I’d like to discuss ways that contemporary art reflect and expand our understandings and images of  God/Christ/Spirit and the church.  

After worship services, I’ll show a few clips of relevant movies mentioned in the sermon: Contact, The Shack and Hidden Figures.  Then you will have time to discuss how they define, confine or expand images of God and our role in the faith story. If you would like to see the whole movie, I’ll will gladly find a time to gather for a Movie night.  Hopefully, we will have relevant artwork displayed in the fellowship hall or sanctuary.  If you have other artistic ideas for this summer please contact me,

 Creatively yours, Pastor Deb