Friends of Camp Whitman

Camp Whitman LogoDear Friends of Camp Whitman,

This past summer we welcomed 321 campers to Camp Whitman (29% more campers than in 2016!).  Many of our camp families have limited finances and receive scholarships from their home churches, but for some families a direct scholarship from Camp Whitman is their only opportunity for support.

This year we accepted each and every request for financial assistance that we received.  These are families in sincere need of assistance and campers who benefit greatly from the loving and supportive community at Camp Whitman.  Asking for support is never easy for a family.  At Camp Whitman we seek to honor these requests as fully and compassionately as possible.

Below are just a few of the requests that we received this year, that we were compelled to support and that we believe you will as well.

“I am a single dad of two great children. I am also permanently disabled. I receive SSDI and have very limited income. I also do not receive child support regularly. I am raising 2 well-rounded children to be great adults. I feel this opportunity will help in that regard as well.”

“This student could really benefit from your summer camp, a very kind & thoughtful young man. He comes from a family who could not financially send him to camp. He is at risk in so many ways both socially & economically that I fear for what his future might be. A positive, time away might just be the thing that shows him how life can be if you truly work hard and want something bad enough.”

25 campers received assistance from Camp Whitman this past summer, for a total of $3,235.  This is a 32% increase in campers requesting and receiving funding than the previous year.

Without the assistance of our generous donors to the campership fund, these campers would not have had the opportunity to attend camp. 

Please consider a gift to Camp Whitman during this giving season to help ensure that any family, regardless of financial ability can allow their child a summer camp experience.


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Lea Kone, Camp Director

To make your tax-deductible donation to Camp Whitman, please make your check out to Presbytery of Geneva and write “Camp Donation” in the memo line.