Peace marchers in the Geneva Memorial Day Parade

The Quaker Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends in Geneva once again invites the member congregations of GAIC and others to join us in the Walk for Peace in the annual Geneva Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 29, 2017.

The only sign will be the “Faith Communities for Peace” banner.  We will walk together in silence at the very end of the parade.  We honor the sacrifices service men, women, and their families have made over the years. We also witness to the fact that our faith requires us to work for peace.

We ask that participants not carry or wear signs. Again, the one sign will be “Faith Communities for Peace” at the front of our group.

The parade takes place on Monday, May 29th, at 10:00am. We will gather beginning at 9:30am at the intersection of South Exchange and Seneca Street at the tail end of the parade. Before starting off and at the end of the parade, we will have a period of sharing and reflection.

If you are interested and able, please come out and participate.