Take Note

While it is always exciting to plan and prepare special music for our weekly worship services, it is especially exciting to prepare music for our special celebrations during Advent & Christmas, Lent & Easter, and Pentecost.

This year, the Choir will be preparing one of the most beloved works of western choral music celebrating the miracle of Christmas, the “Gloria” by Antonio Vivaldi. The choir will be bringing this musical homage to Jesus’ birth, along with other music, to our Cantata Sunday Christmas journey. Our musical celebration will also be enriched this year by the accompaniment of a small orchestra which will also provide some special music for the prelude and offertory. The “Gloria” is a work of sheer exuberance with distinctive melodic expressions, full of varied rhythmic ideas and harmonic excitement.

Vivaldi had considerable success as a composer and was well paid for his work but ended up squandering his fortune and was buried in a pauper’s grave when he died. The “Gloria” went undiscovered until the late 1920’s but was not performed until 1939 and then only in a somewhat altered rendition. The first performance of the original version in the modern era did not occur until 1957 at the first Festival of Baroque Choral Music at Brooklyn College, NY. Since then it has become one of the most loved baroque choral pieces.

If you are a singer who has not taken the opportunity to sing with us yet, we invite you to join us for this joyful expression of our faith. This includes all from high school age and up. It will be a great opportunity to sing one of the great works of the western musical tradition. The choir will be rehearsing the “Gloria” at the beginning of each of our regular evening rehearsals, 7 pm every Thursday.