We pray and work for peace, equality and well-being of the earth and all its peoples. (Mission Statement)

The SERRV Shop supports fair trade artisans around the world.  Purchases have a direct impact on our global market’s great injustices: the inequality in income and quality of life for people living in developing countries.  Every purchase becomes a powerful tool for putting right the imbalance in the world.

Our work encompasses more than just buying and selling.  We offer prepayments so our partners can
Sustain their business
Create new designs so they can build their markets
Teach new skills so they can develop their craft
Provide grants so they can expand their resources

We support equal rights for women
Guide sustainable development
Pay a fair wage.

For 60 years, SERRV has worked on behalf of the world’s artisans and farmers.  One of the first alternative trade organizations,  SERRV is a found member of the World Fair Trade Organization and a founding member of the Fair Trade Federation.

SERRV with us and craft an experience that will reward every person it touches, and build a sustainable style oflife that will be enriching for us all.

Find a meaningful and unique gift for every occasion.

Shop hours are
Saturday 10 – 12:30
Sunday between services and following the 10:30 service.