Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper

Adults – $5.00               Children under 12 – $2.00
(families of 4 – $12, $1 for each extra person)

Adult Forum

Adult Forum
Meets from 9:15-10:15 on Sunday morning in the South Parlor

Please join us in conversations in which we explore our faith, expand our understanding and learn about opportunities for action.

February Sunday School Highlights

Sunday School Heading

FEB. 4 SOUPER BOWL OF CARING –have a $1 in your pocket to donate to the hungry? Please put it in the soup pot at the end of worship.

Family Promise Cook Off

February 2018 Preaching Schedule

February 4 Communion/Souper Bowl of Caring
SERMON:  A Day in the Life of Jesus
Mark 1:29-39

Lenten Prayer Breakfast

Lenten Prayer Breakfasts

The Presbyterian Church, in cooperation with the Christian congregations of the Geneva Area Interfaith Council, is again hosting the Lenten Breakfast series.  You are cordially invited to attend any or all of them. 

Pastor Deb’s Dispatch- “The Fun of February”

Today is January 17, 2018 and I am still glowing in the warmth of the “Joys of January” event on Sunday.  Thank you for your well wishes, support, and your contributions to a wonderful fifth anniversary celebration! 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Sunday, January 28, 2018 –  4th Sunday after Epiphany

Trust Fall – Trust Call

Did you like Pastor Deb’s sermon “Trust Fall – Trust Call?”  If you would like to view or to download the sermon (PDF Format), please click here.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sunday, January 21, 2018 –  3rd Sunday after Epiphany