Adult Education

Adult Forum

There will be no Adult Forum from May 29 (Memorial Day Weekend) through June 19 (Baccalaureate Sunday).  On June 26 we begin our Summer Study program.

June 2016 Youth Fellowship Activities

Youth Fellowship
Grades 5 – 12

June Sunday School Highlights

JUNE 5 – Sunday School Sunday – all classes take part


JUNE 5 – 9:15 – ALL teachers are invited to a coffee hour in the parlor to honor them

62nd Annual Strawberry Festival

Come to the 62nd Annual


Summer Worship Schedule

We will worship TOGETHER (8:15 & 10:30) in ONE SERVICE at The Presbyterian Church beginning JUNE 12 until SEPTEMBER 11.  The service will begin at 9:30 in our Sanctuary.  We look forward to seeing you this summer!!

Pastor’s Report



How are the children?
I write this June letter while winging my way to Chicago to attend the double birthday party of my youngest grandchildren, Mila and Luca. My annual spring birthday celebrations give me a chance to see how the grandkids are doing.

Musical Moments, May 13, 2016

Rev. Dr. Deborah Lind-Schmitz will sing selections from the American and European tours of Jenny Lind, Swedish Nightingale on Friday, May 13th 7:15 PM at the Geneva Library.  To view the poster advertising the event, please click here.

Upcoming PW Events

Upcoming Events:

MAY 15 – PW meeting, 9:15 am (please note time change) in the Conference room

JUNE 14 – We will be hulling and slicing the berries beginning at 5:00 p.m. – until done. Plan to join us for a time as your schedule permits.\

JUNE 15, 2016 – 5:30-8:00 PM – Mark your calendar: Strawberry Festival –
Donna Newcomb and Bev Burrall – co-chairs
Please watch the bulletins and sign up


Planting Seeds

Yay! Springtime! While this winter was relatively mild compared to last year’s, I am still excited for all that the spring has to offer!

One of my favorite things to do at this time of year is plant seeds! From pumpkins to peas, I enjoy the whole process – choosing a pot, adding the soil, spacing the seeds, watering… Oh, the joy of a newly-sprouted seedling!

At school, I currently have a myriad of seedlings sprouting up! The students and I have planted beans, flowers, peppers, maples, and more! Recently, a friend brought me a grapefruit seed and that’s growing too!

Gardening gets me thinking about what we reap and sow in a more metaphorical sense. What kinds of seeds do you want to plant in the world? Jesus calls us to love one another, God wants us to hope for a brighter future, and believe in Him. Thus, we are asked to plant seeds of love, hope, and faith. In a world filled with war, hurting, and despair, think about how you can spread seeds of peace, comfort, and joy. Then, like a gardener, work to care for them with patience and kindness.

Reflect on your interaction with the earth and its inhabitants. What can you do to transform your part of the world into the beautiful garden God intended it to be – both literally and figuratively? Perhaps a neighbor could use some seeds of help or friendship, and if you’re able, plant some actual seeds too! 🙂


Last month, I called your attention to our responsibility of taking care of the earth, and mentioned a book I’d been reading, entitled “Serve God, Save the Planet”. I am now creating an inter-denominational book club which will be reading it and discussing it together! The group will meet once a week during June, July, and August. If you are interested in joining the group, please let me know!

                                                 with smiles, ~Ryan Kincaid

May 2016 Youth Fellowship Activities

Youth Fellowship
Grades 6 – 12