The SERRV Shop has extended hours to accommodate your holiday shopping! We are open on Saturdays from 10-4 and after each service on Sunday. If you should need us there during the week, we can do that too! Just call the church office and we will arrange to have someone meet you.

December Sunday School Highlights


Olivia Howard   Sophie Augustine   Ezra Williams

Adult Forum

Adult Forum
Meets from 9:15-10:15 on Sunday morning
in the South Parlor

Advent:   Holidays in Other Faiths

Our Advent study will explore major holidays in other faiths. Invited speakers will share the meaning of Ramadan, Hanukkah and Kwansaa including the importance of these holidays in their respective cultures. The culmination of our study will be a carol sing in the Fellowship Hall, as a celebration of Advent.

December Youth Group Activities

Youth Fellowship
Grades 6-12

When: Sunday, December 13th
Where: Church
Time: Meet at church at 2:15. We will go caroling 2:30-4:00

Advent Preaching Schedule

November 29 (Prophets) Isaiah 52:7-9 Luke 3:1-6
“Prepping Prophets”

From the Pastor

“Peace on Earth, Good Will to Humanity”

“Peace on Earth”, is it too much to ask?  As I write this article, breaking news of terrorist attacks in Brussels, Belgium have been added to recovery in Bamako, Mali and Paris. Fear and fright has gripped peaceable people in every part of the world.

Church Pictorial Directory

How would you like to have a pictorial directory of the congregation?  If you do, please send us a picture of yourself or household before Christmas. 

Office Technology Update

As of Monday, October 19th, the congregation has returned 224 of 350 Family Profiles mailed this past July.   If you did not receive a family profile or you have lost the Family Profile that we sent, please contact the church office to obtain a duplicate copy.

From the Parish Nurse

Dear Church Family,

This is not my usual health related article. But, I have walked in on a few home visits to find people struggling with what to do concerning this issue. I feel it needs to be addressed. Have you received a phone call from the IRS saying they were filing a lawsuit against you? Has your credit card company called to supposedly issue you a new card with a chip, but you need to “verify” some information to do so? Has NYSEG called needing your account number to refund you money they owe you? ALL SCAMS!!!!

Take Note

The hymn tune of the German Protestant Church played a central role in the life of church worship. Long before any other people, the Germans developed a hymn tradition in their own language. As a result, the hymns were well know and widely sung as part of their tradition. Because of this, the chorale held a central position in the development German baroque music, which, in turn, became a major influence in the development of Protestant church music. Not only were the tunes and texts used as a basis for the rich cantata tradition, they were used in the development of instrumental music, and particularly in the development of the organ chorale, or chorale prelude.

In this tradition, Linda often plays a work that is based on a hymn tune as one of the special pieces she prepares each week. In some case, these come from a contemporary composer, in others, she draws on compositions from this rich musical heritage. If the piece is one from the Baroque Era, often the hymn tune or chorale is played first or sometimes, the chorale is played at the end. Then there are a series of variations on the tune in a polyphonic style which embellish and interpret the hymn. The hymn tune is often included in the variations used as a cantus firmus or ‘fixed song’, sometimes an elongated manner, while it is being embellished. Bach and Pachelbel often put the cantus firmus in the pedal.   Sometimes there are free variations on the tune that use the original chord structure of the chorale without the chorale tune being present. In any case, at least the shadow of the hymn and its words color the composition with rich meaning.