An Old Favorite With A Twist

A Old Favorite With a Twist! #127 Glory to God
Hark! the herald angels sing.
Jesus, the light of the world.
Glory to the new-born King,
Jesus, the light of the world.  

Stewardship Update

The 2015 Stewardship Campaign is going strong. Many of you have responded with 2015 pledges and per capita. We are on our way to meeting our goals, but still need everyone’s participation to continue ministering to our congregation as well as providing a long term presence of our church’s mission to Geneva and beyond.

Kitchen Renovation Schedule

Plans have been approved and construction is about to begin! The annual meeting/brunch will be the last day that the kitchen will be available for use by anyone for approximately 4 weeks. Come help us celebrate as we say good bye to the “old “(it has served us well for over 35 years) and prepare for the new.

January Sunday School Highlights

Thanks to all who donated the yummy cakes and cookies for our PLUM PUDDING feast!!!!