Cancellations Page

The following activities have been cancelled or postponed at the Presbyterian Church in Geneva.  Please check this page frequently for new or revised cancel.

Date Event Cancelled / Postponed New Date
3/15/2020Worship Services, Christian Ed, and other activitiesCancelled
3/15/2020 PW Meeting Cancelled
3/16/2020Bell ChoirCancelled
3/16/2020 Sacred Arts Class – Scrapbooking Cancelled
3/27/2020 Sacred Arts Class – TaiChiCancelled
3/18/2020 Lenten Prayer BreakfastCancelled
3/18/2020Self Help SewingCancelled
3/19/2020 Choir RehearsalCancelled
3/19/2020Sacred Arts Class – Drawing StudioCancelled
3/20/2020Twilight GroupCancelled
3/20/2020 Soup/Supper Bible StudyCancelled
3/21/2020Sacred Arts Class – Eco Kid’s Craft ClubCancelled
3/21/2020SERRV ShopClosed
3/22/2020Worship Services, Christian Ed, and other activities Cancelled
3/23/2020Bell ChoirCancelled
3/24/2020SERRV Committee MeetingCancelled
3/25/2020 Lenten Prayer Breakfast Cancelled
3/25/2020 Self Help Sewing Cancelled
3/25/2020 YogaCancelled
3/28/2020SERRV ShopClosed
3/28/2020 Wertman OGHS Dinner PostponedTBA
3/29/2020 Worship Services, Christian Ed, and other activities Cancelled
4/4/2020SERRV Shop Closed
4/5/2020 Palm Sunday Brunch & OGHS Auction Postponed TBA
4/11/2020SERRV ShopClosed
4/18/2020SERRV Shop Closed
4/25/2020SERRV Shop Closed