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Adult Forum

Adult Forum
Meets from 9:15-10:15 on Sunday morning in the
South Parlor

Please join us in conversations in which we explore our faith, expand our understanding and learn about opportunities for action.

In response to initiatives from PCUSA and the events in Charlottesville this summer, we have decided to devote this fall to issues involving racism, reconciliation, forgiveness—and what our Confessions ask of us.  We anticipate devoting the spring to the Living the Question curriculum initially intended for this fall.

October Sunday School Highlights

OCT. 1 – goodies for boxes to go to our college youth needed by 9:00 am

October 2017 Preaching Schedule

October 1 Philippians 2: 1-13 World Communion
    “How Are We Like-Minded or not?”
    “In what ways do you encourge others in their faith?”

Celebrating 500 Years of Reformation

RE:FORM, the newest approach to teaching youth and confirmation about our Christian faith sparked my imagination this summer as I reviewed the material.  * Yes, we have the same Bible to teach our children. The scriptures and stories are much the same. However, we are not. Our cultures, our world view, our technology, AND our congregations have changed.

Pictures on Rally Day

At Rally Day on Sunday, September 10th and again on Monday, September 11th, Neil Sjoblom will be in our Sanctuary taking group pictures for our new pictorial directory.


In Swaziland, official estimates are that 26% of adults have HIV and most of them also have untreatable tuberculosis, and more than 20% of children are orphans due to disease and poverty.

Emails from the Church Office

The church office now has the capability of sending email to the congregation in mass.  We anticipate using this capability exclusively to convey important messages to the entire congregation in a timely manner, for instance to announce worship schedule changes.

College Care Boxes

The Membership & Evangelism Committee is planning the annual preparation of Care Boxes to be sent to our college students and Welcome Bags to be delivered to HWS students who are Presbyterians. 

Cafe Justo

When is a cup of coffee more than a cup of coffee? When it is Fair Trade Plus CAFE JUSTO. Cafe Justo is a grower owned coffee cooperative located in Agua Prieta, Mexico, just across the Arizona border.

Self-Help Sewing

The autumn session of Self-Help Sewing class will be from September 13 to November 15.  This program has been teaching area residents to sew for many years.  There is no charge, and sewing machines are available to use here at the church.