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March 2015 Preaching Schedule

Sunday Scriptures Sermon
March 1 Genesis 17:1-7, 15-16 “Whatever Happened to Sin?”
Romans 4:13-25

Sorting, Saving, Dumping and Packing

Sorting, discarding, saving and packing boxes has been my daily task for the last two weeks in February. On March 1, hopefully, I will be resettled into my new house in Geneva. It’s exciting and exhausting especially during this crazy cold winter and the busy season of Lent.

However, isn’t Lent a time to sort and discard and pack spiritual essentials for the journey to the Cross? Lent is a season to focus on God and re-prioritize our lives accordingly. During March, the scriptures help us focus on four essential tenets of our faith; Sin and Forgiveness, the Commandments, Grace by Faith, Eternal Life and God’s Steadfast Love. There are more doctrines but only five Sundays.