Missing Pancakes

Missing Pancakes

This morning I’ve been made aware of a deep loss in our community. There are no pancakes today. The tradition of Shrove Tuesday dinner at PCG will not happen today because the pandemic has changed yet another thing. I like pancakes. I want to feast with you all. This could have been fun and full and fabulous. But not this year.

There has been so much loss for so many for so long now. From the profound impact of lives lost, to the missed smiles and fellowship of shared pancakes, many are tired of missing people and possibilities. I am sorry and I will not offer platitudes to gloss over the pain. And there are holy things that remain wholly true.

Matthew 18:20

“For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.” – Jesus.


Jesus gathered and taught and feasted: on the hillside, in the upper room, in the houses of strangers, by the seashore.

Temples, sanctuaries, sacred spaces, and fellowship halls are good and important. They are also only places for us to gather and attend to the sacred. They do not boundary the presence of the divine. This is good news in these days of seemingly constant limitation.

There are no pancakes at church today, but you sure can make some at home.

There are no pancakes at church today, but you can call a friend and speak of God.

There are no pancakes at church today, but you are always welcome to joy.

There are no pancakes at church today, but Christ’s love summons you to communion always.

Thank you for your creativity and connection. Thank you for your resilience and faithfulness. Thank you for your hospitality, even if we miss this opportunity to feast together.

In all days and in all places, we are the people of God. We will have pancakes at church another day.

Grace and Peace,                                                           

Pastor Colin