Adult Education Spiritual Formation

Summer Activities

A discussion group meets each Sunday by Zoom at 9:00 a.m. and concludes in time to join the morning worship. All are invited. Topics vary and are often decided week to week. So, if there is something YOU would like to talk about, please join us. Email for a Zoom link and a topic or article you would like to share.

Let’s Talk offer a social opportunity to join with others to hear a speaker and engage in discussion. They are informal and great fellowship.
We have four talks tentatively scheduled but are still working out logistics. We think the topics will be timely and stimulating. Check the church website and Facebook page for updated information on topics, speakers, dates, and arrangements.

Adult Ed Bible Study Graphic

Pastor Deb is also doing a Bible Study at noon on Wednesday by Zoom. Call office for details.

If you cannot make the Sunday morning discussions, but still want to pursue some spiritual formation activities, check out the article of Adult Education – Spiritual Formation Resources.

There are links to internet sites where you can find Bible studies, videos of speakers, and other study material. Take a look!