Adult Spiritual Formation

Adult Spiritual Formation

Meets Sunday Morning at 9:15
in the South Parlor

Please consider attending to enrich your faith journey!

Oct. 6     Mosaic of Peace Conference: Witnessing for Peace and Wholeness in a Land called ‘Holy’

Information about the upcoming Presbyterian Peacemaking conference in Israel/Palestine.  Information on what is to be included and how to apply to attend.

Oct. 13 TBA

Oct. 20   What is “Mission”, in Adult Spiritual Formation, in the Adult Education Committee, in being Presbyterian?

Oct. 27 Begin a 5-week session on “Embracing Forgiveness”.

Master storyteller and teacher Barbara Cawthorne Crafton provides leadership in a video series in a “revealing and helpful exploration of what forgiveness is not first, and then what it is and how to find it in our lives, both on communal and personal levels. Warm, honest, realistic and practical.”

“Let’s Talk” Follow-up on Farmworkers in the Fingerlakes

As a follow up to the Let’s Talk program in August “Welcoming the Stranger” with Mary Jo Dudley from the Cornell Farmworkers Program, here is some information about the volunteer opportunity she mentioned. They are hosting an event at the Boys and Girls Club which will have representatives from the Mexican Consulate in NYC here to help farmworkers from Mexico obtain Mexican passports. They will also have attorneys to assist parents in setting up legal guardians for their children if they are detained, as well as giving power of attorney to someone to care for their possessions.

Volunteers will be asked to care for children and help with snacks. The hours are:

Wed, Oct 16- 10:30 am- 2PM
Thursday, Oct 17- 3PM- 7PM
Friday, Oct 18- 10:30 am- 2PM

For information on volunteering, contact Ellen Reynolds or go to the Farmworkers Program website. A volunteer application can be found at the volunteer link at