All Saints Day

All Saints Day will be observed on Sunday, OCTOBER 27 at both services.  We will allow special time to acknowledge and remember those from our church family who have passed the last year.

Edna Belle Buchholz  Margaret Nicklin
Mary E. Burgess  Dorothy H. Oaks 
Harry G. Burt  Grace (Goodrich) Parrott 
William Clyde  Donald R. Radford 
Donna Reid Cooley  Mary Ellen Schreher  
Tim Cortelyou  Howard D. Scribner 
Robert A. (Bob) Gray Mary Jane Shaw
Walter C. Hausner Raymond Smith
Richard (Rick) F. Hovey Ann H. Taylor
Barbara A. Huebner Patricia F. Volker
Helen S. Kipp Ruth Moore Wiley
Barbara McClelland Guererri Schumann “Lois” Arlene Wright Thompson