Applause to everyone who helped make this first service possible

Applause to everyone who helped make this first service, March 22 possible.  I could not have done this without the late-night efforts of Art Lewis and the tech outreach of Lisa Gage. Many of you didn’t have access to computers so you helped each other out. Thank you. 

We don’t really know how many participated in our first on-line interactive worship. I couldn’t see the Zoom page after my screen was up.  However, Lisa said 43 households with 1-4 people gathered around their monitors and phones.  Families with children waved and participated, youth and adults read scriptures and lifted up prayers.  What a success!

Everyone seemed so happy to see each other when we checked in.  And, it was sad to have to wave goodbye at the end. However, it’s good that we have plans to meet again in small group gatherings like Wednesday noon Bible study and maybe a “Name that Hymn” on-line game.  And, we will definitely worship on-line next Sunday at 10:30 am. Check the website for updates. 

And, please pass the word around.  You don’t have to be a member to participate. 

Grateful to God- Soli Deo Gloria

Pastor Deb