Happy Easter!  It is time to celebrate! After a long dark winter, 12 hours of daylight and the beginning of spring has lifted my spirit.  How about yours?  April 1, Easter Sunday is a day of celebration of our belief in Christ. It also launches a month of Easter Season Sundays when we will study what it means to be Easter people.  “Believing without seeing” like the disciples in the Gospel according to Mark.  We who continue to believe, rejoice and act in faith, are Easter People.

In an age of dwindling and closing congregations, we may seem foolish to those who choose the ‘none’ category of faith.   There is something different about us, we have received a gift that does not make us rich or wise in the eyes of society.  According to the Apostle Paul’s epistle, I Corinthians 4: 10, “We are fools for the sake of Christ, but we are wise in Christ”. They believed that in Christ they were blessed, rich in spirit, and compassionate in the community.  The first Easter people labored in the proverbial vineyard with courage and enthusiasm.

Two thousand years later, we are called to act on our faith as apostles, witnessing to our faith and building up the community of Christ. You and I are called to a new era of hope, as Easter People.  Rejoice!

             Pastor Deb