Community Lunch Program

The Presbyterian Church is serving on

The Community Lunch Program of Geneva provides a nutritious meal to people who are hungry, raises awareness about hunger and empowers the community to respond to this need.

The Presbyterian Church has agreed to provide the volunteers for the Thursdays of August.  If you want to help with this ministry of compassion please sign up in the space below and put the sheet in the offering plate or return it ASAP to the church office or call the office, 315-789-1343.  Please plan to work from about 9:30 am-1:00 pm.

YES!! I want to help with the Community Lunch Program in August. 

I will work:

_____Thursday, August   2

_____Thursday, August   9

_____Thursday, August 16

_____Thursday, August 23

_____Thursday, August 30

I am willing to be:

____Kitchen coordinator   ____helper



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