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As Those of Old Their Firstfruits Brought: (Hymn 712 verse 3)
In gratitude and humble trust,
we bring our best today,
to serve your cause and share your love
with all along life’s way.
O God who gave yourself to us
in Jesus Christ your Son,
help us to give ourselves each day
until life’s work is done.
Text: Frank von Christierson, 1960
Music: English Folk Melody arranged by Ralph Vaughan Williams, 1906

In this season of gratitude, the Deacons are thankful for all those who help with visiting shut-ins, sending cards, and ushering for worship services when asked. Coffee hour hosting is another opportunity for anyone to help – just speak with a Deacon!
This leads to mention of a well-organized and successful Mission Retreat held at our church on September 14. After much discussion in small and large groups, Congregational Care topped the list of important missions for our church. Care of Children and Youth as well as Peacemaking Efforts were other top areas of importance as indicated by the forty congregants present.
As this article is being written, planning is in full swing for the Deacons’ HARVEST DINNER to be held November 3 after the 10:30 worship service. We thank you for your participation! Look for a report about this special event in the next newsletter.
In gratitude and humble trust we bring our best today.

Blessings, The Deacons