Emails from the Church Office

The church staff regularly sends email to members and friends in the congregation.  Most official emails are sent from email addresses ending in or   Many of our elected church leaders and/or standing committees have email accounts ending in The current list of email accounts in use by church staff are listed below:

Staff Member/Special Purpose Email Address
Alan Schenck
Art Lewis
Beth Nicholas
Church Office
Colin Pritchard
Colleen VanAllan
Kathy Breese
Mailchimp Email Blasts

Should you receive an email claiming to be sent by or for The Presbyterian Church in Geneva and it was not sent by one of the email addresses listed above nor does the email address end in ”” or “” there is a very high probability that the email is fraudulent.  If you suspect that a church related email that you received is fraudulent do not open it.  Instead forward the email to and delete the email from your inbox.