Emergency Closing Procedure

The Presbyterian Church in Geneva

Emergency Closing Procedure

Extreme Weather conditions (snow, ice, storm or tornado) may be a cause to cancel events at The Presbyterian Church in Geneva. In case of these or other life threatening situations, the pastor, with staff or leaders of the church, will make the final decision to close the church. This may entail vacating the church or using the building as a shelter. In either case, the membership and public will be notified.

This may be a notification of canceling or delaying Sunday worship, Sunday school or week day events.

Once the decision is made to modify the schedule, appropriate individuals will be notified through alert texts, email, the PCGNY home page, social media, and other means of digital communication.

Local media outlets will be notified as well. The office staff, pastor or some other designated person will notify the local radio and television stations.

These include:

  • Radio – Finger Lakes Radio Group includes WNYR/WCGR/WGVA –
  • Radio- Hobart/William Smith Colleges radio, WEOS
  • Rochester TV stations, 8, 10, 13
  • Syracuse TV stations 3, 5, 9
  • Cable TV- Spectrum News Syracuse and Rochester
  • A mass email notification will go out to members who subscribe to the church mailing
  • A notice will be on the PCGNY website and Facebook
  • Phone calls will be made to members who do not have any social media access