From the Parish Nurse

Article from the Parish Nurse

Dear Church Family,              

     Happy New Year!!!  It is that time again to think of healthy resolutions for the New Year.  I generally talk about diet and exercise (good things to improve upon for your health).  This year let’s talk about improving our mental and emotional health.  Last year was filled with negativity in our country.  (I do not think that will change any time soon as far as politics or the news are concerned.)  However, we can resolve to be more positive ourselves.  Your positive attitude can often be contagious and cause others to be more positive as well.

     I read 3 different articles on the topic and all of them seemed to hit on the same ideas for a positive mental outlook and stable emotional state.

     To begin with, be physically active in some way every day.   (You knew I had to sneak exercise in there somewhere!)  Exercise causes your body to release “happy hormones” and helps to decrease anger, sadness and worry.  

     Take time (make time) to relax.  Do something you enjoy.  Be positive about yourself.  We all have our faults, try to work on improving your problem areas.  Ask for help if you need an accountability partner. 

     Live in the moment.  Don’t dwell on unhappiness from the past and don’t waste time worrying about “what ifs” in your future.  

     Help others.  Be kind and respectful of everyone.  Sometimes people we think are just grouchy are actually very nice people. They may have poor self-esteem or some serious problem that they have not spoken with anyone about.  Helping others improves your own self-esteem while helping someone else.

     Communicate with others.  Don’t feel badly when no one visits you in the hospital if you don’t let someone know you’re in the hospital!  If you need help, even if it’s just someone to listen to the fact that you are upset, call someone and ask for help.  The church can be a good place to go for that type of help.

     Be able to forgive yourself for mistakes, and to also do likewise for others.  None of us are perfect.

     Remember that you are a child of God and are loved and given grace daily.  The only thing to separate you from the love and peace of God is your choice not to accept it!  Work on your faith.

     Have a Joyous 2019!!  God Bless!!  Beth