From the Parish Nurse

Article from the Parish Nurse
Dear Church Family,

Follow the #%$1## science! Which one??!! I’m writing this on May 14. Yesterday the President announced on national tv that the CDC has determined those citizens who are fully vaccinated no longer need to wear masks in most places. Meanwhile, the Finger Lakes Times this week reported that 27 residents in two different nursing homes who were fully vaccinated have tested positive for COVID. I have read 3 articles written by younger people who have been fully vaccinated, have tested positive for COVID, and have mild symptoms. As I write this, Governor Cuomo is not ready to go all in with the “no mask required” changes. So, what do we do? Let’s look at the facts we know to be true.

First, vaccines do not create an invisible forcefield around you. If someone is coughing, sneezing, or in some form emitting COVID around you and you inhale enough of it, you now have it in your body. The amount of time it takes for the immune system to kick in is different for everyone. If you have been vaccinated or have had COVID in the past 3 months, your body recognizes what is attacking it and mobilizes your immune system. This is made up of 3 types of WBCs (White Blood Cells). Macrophages are WBCs that recognize germs as something that shouldn’t be in you. They work to “neutralize and destroy” germs that enter your body. Some parts of the germs are left so that the B-lymphocytes (our little science lab cells) look at and create antibodies to kill off the germs on a large scale. They create your “Army” of fighter cells. T-lymphocytes are another type of WBC that “kills or neutralizes” cells of your body already invaded by the germ. T-lymphocytes also “remember” the germ after the initial attack. They recognize the germ and can get the process of antibody production going pronto. How often you need to be vaccinated depends on how long these memory cells remember!

Once fully vaccinated your body has all the tools to fight off COVID. It is then up to your immune system to do it. Some folks have a Speedy Gonzales type of immune system and others have the Super Slow Snail version. It all depends on how good your immune system is. I’ve been taking extra vitamin C and eating lots of vegetables to try to boost my
immune system. From all reports, most people who do test positive after being vaccinated either have no idea they have it or have very mild symptoms. This means the vaccine is doing its job and so is the immune system. There are always some people whose body chemistry just doesn’t match up with the vaccine and it just doesn’t work for them or their immune system is not very good. None of the vaccines have efficacy rate of 100%.

If you are fully vaccinated, you should be safe. You could however still get the germ in you and could pass it on to someone who is unvaccinated.

My thought on masking or not is to use common sense and facts that you know. I am fully vaccinated but will continue to use a mask if I go to visit anyone in their home, for their safety. Once vaccinated, in most cases, no one should get very ill from COVID. It is the folks that are not vaccinated that are still at risk. There are some very legitimate health concerns for some people who should not get the vaccine at this time. Call me with questions, 315-759-9039.

God Bless! Beth