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Have you ever noticed the Presbyterian Calendar has a weekly focus on social issues as well as spiritual matters?  Take this month of Sundays has the following subtitles:

February 3 Souper Bowl of Caring (www. and Chaplains Sunday (
February 10 Health Awareness Day of Prayer for Healing and Wholeness
( and
Camp and Conference Ministries (
Camp Whitman (
February 17 Universal Day of Prayer for Students (tool kit can be found at
February 24 Last Sunday of the Epiphany Season (nothing designated)

Our purpose is to raising awareness of the ministries that often go unnoticed and to encourage involvement in social issues and campaigns to make a difference. I have had wonderful experiences and fulfilling ministry in several of these “outside of the box” ministries; i.e. University or College ministry, camp and retreat leadership including prayer/healing services.  

In the last few decades the tendency of most churches was stop contributing to ministries outside of the congregation.  Ministries in institutions like hospitals, colleges, camps and the military became the responsibility of individuals and congregations.  However, denominations like the PCUSA continue to supply, support and organize clergy and leadership.

For the month of February, I’d like to highlight and connect you with special ministries of the PCUSA. Our mission is not just local.  The church is part of the larger Presbyterian Church outreach as we provide spiritual care to people who face difficult situations;  discrimination, mental and physical health problems, estrangement and isolation.   Entering a church on Sunday morning may be challenging or impossible. A chaplain or clergy is sent out to minister and bring Good News like the disciples of Christ.

(For those of you who have access to a computer and internet, I have included links to websites that will give you more information)

February’s Worship Series is entitled “The Heart of the Matter”

February 3 1 Corinthians 13: 1-3 “Matters of the Heart: Faith, Hope and Love”
February 10 Luke 5:1-11 “Healthy Habits, Heartfelt Changes”
February 17 Luke 6:17-26  “Blessed are the Broken Hearted”
February 24 1 Corinthians 15: 35-38, 42-50  “Matters of the Spirit: Things You Can’t See”

You are blessed. 
Share your blessings with love,
Rev. Dr. Deb Lind

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