In the Bulb There Is a Flower

“April Showers bring May Flowers”, we hope. It has been a roller coaster winter and unpredictable spring weather-wise. During my Easter break visiting family in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois the snowfall broke a few records.

So, mother and I went to a flower show in a shopping center. The pathway of white tulips, purple and blue hydrangeas delighted our eyes and lifted our spirits. I bought a book for my mother that told the meaning of various flowers, Angelica-Inspiration, Bluebell-Humility, to Water Lily-Rising above calamities, Zinnia-Enduring Friendship. After reading several pages my mother stopped abruptly. “You should write a devotional using flowers”. The intriguing idea has stayed with me. In the meantime, we have the month of May to plant seeds of hope, faith and love.

Our Presbyterian hymnal includes beloved songs like “The Hymn of Promise” which begins “In the bulb there is a flower, in the seed an apple tree”. And, it ends with “Unrevealed until its season, something God alone can see.” (Glory to God, hymn # 250)

Are we patient enough for God to reveal something new? Or are we impatient? (Impatiens are plants that burst open when they are touched. Thus, the name, impatient impatiens)

The month of May begins with music, sacred songs and spirit filled worship. Each Sunday focuses on God revealed in the Risen Christ, the Creator and Holy Spirit. May 6th is Sacred Song Sunday, then there is Mothers’ Day, and on Pentecost, May 20, our confirmands will publicly affirm their faith and join the Presbyterian Church. And, don’t forget that Memorial Sunday, we have ONE SERVICE at 9:30 am.

Come to be the Church and celebrate the Spirit of God in our lives and in this place.

Pastor Deb