Inspired by our Past, Excited about our Future

Summer visitors often ask for a tour of our historic church as they vacation in Geneva. Telling historical facts about our 220 years of Presbyterian Presence (Dr. Hart’s book title) is part of the tour.  Most folks are amazed by the fact that this church is still alive and thriving. I proudly show visitors the renovated kitchen, classrooms along with the stained glass windows from both the North Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian.

The places they don’t see are the tunnels of brick arches and stone foundations in the basement. It represents the labor of generations who built, rebuilt, expanded, repaired, and shored up the church. Every generation has made their mark on this church. The stories we will tell on our 220th Anniversary Celebration, July 22, are just the tip of the iceberg.  Rev. Jedediah Chapman organizing seven congregations around Seneca Lake between 1800 and 1813 is an inspiring story. Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell receiving her medical degree at the Presbyterian Church is an ignored and uncelebrated fact. The successful merger of the North and First Presbyterian Church is evidenced in our thriving congregation today.

You and I, we are writing the Presbyterian Church history today. Inspired by the bold choices made by leaders and supportive actions of generations of Presbyterians, we forge ahead.  The challenge to be a vital congregation, growing and changing with the times is yours.  My hope for you is to learn more about our history as well as the present community activities and ministries in this church.  I’d to arrange tours for you as well as visitors as we get excited about our future. Grateful for the present and excited about our future.                       

 Pastor Deb