May Sunday School Highlights

Sunday School Graphic

SUNDAY SCHOOL lessons are on the church website each weekend. MAY 23 will be the last Sunday School lesson for this program year. Hopefully we’ll be together in September.
Have a wonderful summer!!!

GRADUATES: if you are graduating from college this spring or did so in December please call the church office and let us know.

It’s that time of year again. We’re not sure where we’ll be for church in Sept. but WE ARE HOPING WE ARE BACK IN THE BUILDING!!!!
So we need to start planning and we need teachers for fall, winter and spring. The classes will be
3yrs-K  1st-3rd  4th-7th  9th-12th
It’s 11 weeks of commitment on your part. If you can help let Kathy know. Thank you.

It’s time to think SUMMER CAMP –

THANK YOU AGAIN!!! So far we have received $615 to give to the hunger programs in our community from SOUPER BOWL.