One Great Hour of Sharing Update

News from the Interpretation & Stewardship Committee
One Great Hour of Sharing
Palm Sunday Auction
March 28, 2021

The Interpretation & Stewardship Committee is planning on “reinventing” the OGHS Palm Sunday Auction using an on-line website.  The auction will include donated items for bid (like in the past), using a “silent auction” process.  We plan on using 32Auctions, an on-line auction site that has been used by other local organizations with great success.  An email will be sent to members listing the available items and the steps to take to bid on the items.  You will need to set up an account with 32Auctions to bid at the auction.  Payment and pickup of items will occur at The Presbyterian Church.  Bidding will begin on March 20 and end on Palm Sunday, March 28.  For those who do not wish to take part in the auction, donations to OGHS will be gratefully accepted.

We also plan on having a Palm Sunday afternoon “get together” on Zoom to celebrate the auction and encourage people to make a last bid on the items.  The committee is presently lining up entertainment for the afternoon party.

Due to the nature of the auction, we will need to limit the number of items that we offer up for bidding.  If you are not contacted by a member of the I & S committee and you have something you would like to donate for the auction (item, experience, lessons, services), please contact Beth Reiners ( or 315-789-3761).

We are excited to be able to come together for this auction opportunity during this time of social distancing to raise funds for mission work. Please watch for a church email with details about the Palm Sunday Auction and celebration.

As Jesus says in Matthew 25, the Church belongs with those in need – with those suffering from natural and human-caused disasters; with those lacking access to food, water and healthcare; and with those struggling for justice, righteousness, and peace.  Through our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing, we are there because we are the Church, together.