Online resources for Lent

Building Faith: A Season of Lent. Virginia Theological Seminary.  Offers ideas for activities for families, individuals and churches.  Devotional practices and readings, Bible study, prayer, music. Materials for children, teens and adults. Listing of books.  Downloads

Pittsburg Theological Seminary Resources for Lent.  Big Book of Lent: Reflections on the daily lectionary and accompanying prayers, blogs, slideshow “Galilee to Golgotha” from Luke, hymns.  The devotional can be read online, downloaded as PDF, or subscribed to as a daily email.  Phone app for Android and iPhone.  Devotional to download for sharing, Devotional to embed in your website. Webinar each Wednesday with faculty discussing lectionary. Also available on YouTube.

PC(USA) Worship Resources for Lent. Lectionary readings, prayers. The Lent 2017 daily reflection- action calendar, “Tread Lightly for Lent”.  Downloads.

PC(USA) Presbyterian Mission. “Tread Lightly for Lent”. Calendar with brief information, activity, Bible reading, or prayer request pertaining to opportunities for simple living, environmental justice, alleviating poverty, and eliminating root causes of hunger. 2017. Download

PC(USA) Presbyterian Mission. Resources from past years for Lent. Services, prayers, devotions, daily readings.  Downloads

PC(USA) Daily readings for Lent on PDF download

PC(USA) Lenten Practices 101 The meanings of and practices associated with Lent and associated days preparing for Easter.

Presbyterians for Earth Care. Devotional. Articles for each Sunday in Lent written by Indigenous Peoples on care of the Earth for justice, peace and restoration. 2017. Download. “Journey to the Cross” Online daily Lenten devotional created with youth in mind. A meditative thought and prayer for each day.  App for Android and iPhone also available

Pray As You Go.  A daily meditation on scripture.  Music begins, then the reading, then more music for meditating on questions provided. Lasts 10 – 13 minutes. Prepared by Jesuit Media Initiatives. App for Android and iPhone. Can also use on computer.

Into the Wilderness Retreat.  Daily pray guidance from Sacred Space.  App also available for Android and iPhone.  Listen or read. Prepared by Jesuit Media Initiatives

…compiled by Ellen Reynolds