Our Church Mission

We say that our church’s mission is mission. Our small committee needs to know what the entire congregation thinks this means!
The goal will be to gather together everyone interested in mission to address the following questions:

  • What is our vision for the mission of the Presbyterian Church in Geneva?
  • What should our mission priorities be for the coming year?
  • Are there new areas of mission we should consider?
  • How can we better coordinate mission efforts among our many church committees and groups?
  • How can we improve the ways we inform people within our congregation – and in our community – about the mission we do?
  • How can we better engage everyone in mission – especially in some hands-on way?

The Rev. Dr. Betsey Crimmins, pastor at First Presbyterian Church in Elmira and a Synod Coach, will be our facilitator.  We’ll be holding the retreat at our church.
Please join us on the 14th!  We look forward to hearing your ideas about mission.
For more information, please contact Jackie Augustine, Chair of the Mission & Social Concerns Committee.