Pastor Deb’s Dispatch- “The Fun of February”

Today is January 17, 2018 and I am still glowing in the warmth of the “Joys of January” event on Sunday.  Thank you for your well wishes, support, and your contributions to a wonderful fifth anniversary celebration!  I appreciate your clever musical compositions, heartfelt speeches, the tasty appetizers and your generosity towards the children’s library.  For me, it was difficult to transition the next week into this February newsletter.

The church calendar had a host of activities pulling me through the rest of the month:  MLK day, session, the annual meeting, Lenten worship planning and pastoral care of the congregation.

Transitions are tricky.  As much as I want to relish the memories of January and Christmas with the candle lights and children filling the sanctuary, we must prepare for Lent and Easter.  One child commented in Sunday school, “Jesus was just a baby and now we are talking about him dying?!”

Yes, our calendar can give us a spiritual whiplash of religious holidays.  Thank God, we have a month to line up fun events and worship services at church.  So, welcome to “The Fun of February!” 

What is happening that is enjoyable for you? A few intergenerational events which include Shrove Tuesday’s Pancake Supper and the exciting pancake race.  And, Pretzel Sunday when kids roll and twist and bake these traditional goodies in our ovens.  A tasty symbol of Lent for everyone!

On Ash Wednesday, February 14, we begin with the morning or evening worship and let the cross of ashes and communion start your “Journey to the Cross”.  Wednesday morning breakfasts are scheduled early enough so you can eat a delicious breakfast and hear a meaningful message thus nourishing your body and soul.  It’s a great way to meet with friends from other churches and keep your commitment to study and pray as we prepare for Easter.  This year’s Lenten theme will be “Cross-Culture”.   Clergy from Geneva will reflect on a variety of historical and contemporary crosses. “What is the meaning of the cross you wear and bear?”  Let’s explore together the various symbols of our Christian faith and what special meanings they have.   So, I urge you to find the fun and your faith in February.  Jump in, join your friends, and invite someone new to come along just for the fun of it.                           

Hoping and praying,   Pastor Deb