Pastor’s Page . . . Reflections on Relationships

I just returned from my Chicago visit with my youngest grandchildren. I am amazed at that the four- and six-year-olds are advancing in their reading and familiar with iPad games. However, it is apparent that they need interaction and attention from their parents and Nana. Holding the baby soothes him and gives me welcomed pause in my hectic life. I was blessed to have a long weekend with my daughter and kids while their daddy was away. The visit reinforced and deepened my belief that relationships are primary to my existence.

Our lifelong calling is to develop and nurture our relationships with others; family, friends, neighbors and strangers. Cultivating our own wellbeing is intertwined with others.  And, if our children are our future, we better focus on their needs, education, and spiritual development. So, what does that have to do with the church?

First of all, this congregation is blessed with children and supportive parents who engage and participate in Sunday worship and weekday activities. For example, our Lenten Pancake Supper and Supper with a Song was a success because the children were having fun and learning what it means to be a loving community.

Secondly, The Geneva Presbytery delegation to the PCUSA Triennium at Purdue, Indiana has reached an “Alleluia” total of 20 youth and adults.  The fitting theme of “Here’s My Heart”, takes an old hymn and makes it new and relevant. 

Thirdly, relationship building and spiritual development is a continuous cause.  Lent and Easter calls us to “give our heart” to God in Christ Jesus.  On Easter, we will shout, “Alleluia, He is risen!” no in a lonely empty space. Rather we will gather as a congregation who believe that we join with all creation to praise God’s name.

From our Lenten devotional, Psalm 150 calls “everything that has breath” to praise God in our uniqueness, united in gratitude. “Empowered by the risen Christ, let us continue to reflect God’s presence to the world (and people) around us!” *

             *Presbyterians Today, Awakening to God’s Beauty” devotional

                                                            Pastor Deb