Planning for Tomorrow, Planting Seeds Today

Have you seen the blooming daffodils around the church? These joyful signs of spring and new life after a long winter grace our parking lot entrance every April. We are blessed. Do you wonder who planted the bulbs long ago? Someone had a vision for the future. That gardener might be long gone and forgotten yet we are recipients of the joyful sight!

This congregation is actively planning for tomorrow by planting seeds today. How? By teaching and preaching God’s Word every Sunday. We are all planting seeds of God’s love as we live the Gospel in our everyday lives. The Presbyterian Church in Geneva has a clear mission to welcome non-profit organizations that gather in this church every day. And, we have the hope and vision that this congregation will continue to be an active and vibrant faith center in the future. We are the metaphorical gardeners for future generations of faithful people.

On May 5th, the session will bring several motions before the congregation that deal with our financial sustainability. You, as active members, have the opportunity to plan for tomorrow by planting seeds of faith today. Soon, you will receive a letter outlining the session’s reasoning and listing the motions for your consideration.

We are blessed to be a healthy, vibrant and intergenerational congregation. Our children and youth are actively involved in worship, choirs and activities. The first Sunday of May, the worship will focus on the continuing joy of Easter and the sacrament of communion. In the evening our annual Intergenerational Talent Show will be filled with songs, drama and maybe a joke or two.

On May 12, Mothers’ Day, we will joyfully celebrate the sacrament of infant baptism and hear the children sing with their mothers. And on May 19th, Sacred Song Sunday, the choir will be singing their favorite anthems. May 26, Memorial weekend, will not be dull. Our Sacred Arts director, Pam Bishop is planning an Art project for everyone: Spring Art Fling.

So, come join in the joy! Pastor Deb