Search Process for Pastors

Part A

  1. Pastor announces departure to Session for September 30 2020
  2. Session appoints Transitional Pastor Nominating Committee
  3. Congregation dissolves Pastoral Relationship (delay)
  4. Presbytery concurs (delay)
  5. Congregation plans and conducts farewell
  6. Contract with Interim approved by Session, COM, and Presbytery (after October 1, 2020)

Part B    Formulation of Mission Study Report and Pastor Nomination Committee

  1. Steering Committee completes Mission Study using data from table talks (January and February 2020). Goal to complete draft by March
  2. Congregation Discusses Mission Study Report at Table Talks
  3. Committee of Ministry approval of Mission Study Report at meeting
  4. Recruit a slate of nine people for the Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
  5. Congregational Meeting to elect Pastor Nominating Committee


Part C   Pastor Nominating Committee begins Work

  1. PNC prepares Church Information Form (MIF) Mission Study Form
  2. CIF approved by Session and COM
  3. PNC begins to receive PIF
  4. PNC screens candidates and conducts reference checks
  5. PNC submits 3 to 5 names for reference checks to Presbytery and EP
  6. COM clearance for final candidates, interview, and neutral pulpit


Part D

  1. PNC Agrees on the final (and best) candidate
  2. Worship Service for candidating pastor and congregational meeting follows to approve the new pastor. Congregation approves the call
  3. Presbytery approves call
  4. Pastor begins ministry as agreed upon
  5. Presbytery conducts ordination/installation service
  6. PNC is dissolved, however, they may provide support and counsel for new pastor during the first year.
  7. First Year-end-review with COM