SERRV International Fair Trade Gift Shop

Started in 1949 as one of the first fair trade organizations in the United States, SERRV empowers small-scale artisans and farmers to earn a living from their work, breaking the cycle of poverty and building stronger communities worldwide.

Today SERRV works with 50 small-scale artisan and farmer organizations in 25 countries.  A nonprofit organization, we offer a selection of global handcrafts and foods made by these producers.

In 2017:

31,000 artisans, farmers, and their families benefited from our partnerships
• More than 500,000 fairly traded handcrafts and food items were sold in North America
120 individuals received craft tools or scholarships through our grant program.

SERRV pays our producers a fair wage, in advance, for all orders. In addition, we develop educational opportunities, skills training, and resources to help these partners grow sustainable businesses and communities.

Thank you to all who have visited our shop and helped as a volunteer so that we could do our small part in this meaningful endeavor.

Due to away sales in Rochester and Syracuse the week of June 3, our shop will be closed June 2-10. We will be reopened Saturday June 16 with regular hours on Saturday from 10-12:30 and after Sunday services and also during the Strawberry Festival on June 20.