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From time to time, particularly in periods of stress and disappointment, we pause to ponder on just what it means for us to be Christians in this world — what it means for our own life and what it means for our work in and as the Church.
*To be your presence is our mission here,
to show compassion’s face and list’ning ear,
to be your heart of mercy ever near.
Is our Faith strong enough to get us past the discouragement and
disappointments in life? Is our work as the Church ministering to the
needs of our members, our community, our nation, our world?
*To be your presence is our mission bold,
to feed the poor and shelter homeless old,
to be your hands of justice, right uphold.
What new revelation into the heart of God, if you will, is necessary for
us to understand, in a deeper way, the life that Jesus asked us to
lead? What will the new eyes open to our horizons? What will a new
heart break open to our understanding?
*To be your presence is our mission blest,
to speak for all the broken and oppressed,
to be your voice of hope, to be your love expressed.
On May 6th, our Sacred Song Service will challenge us to turn aside
from our current understanding, to shed our shoes, the old
understanding of our life, and to be open to God, from bush that burns
but is not consumed, challenging us to a deeper life and understanding of our presence and mission in the world.
*We are your heart, O Christ, your hands and voice,
to serve your people is our call and choice,
and in this mission we, the church, rejoice! Alleluia!

Come, join us in Singing and Reflection.

*Text from Delores Dufner