Take Note

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There was the
Talent Show,
and it was great!
Now there is the
Talent Share
which will be even better,
you offer your talent for our Summer Worship
Play an instrument? Sing a song? Get some folks
together to sing a duet? a trio? a quartet?
form an instrumental ensemble?
Need an idea about something to sing or play?
(Linda is available to accompany you.)
Drop me a line (richard4life@icloud.com),
talk to me in person or call (315-789-0996).
Let me know what you can do and when you want to
do it (the sooner you sign up, the more likely the date
that is best for you is available).
This is your opportunity to share your talent and your
music with your friends and family and enrich our
worship experience on Sunday morning.
Don’t get left out. Call today!