The Church Silverplate Items

The Church has a number of silver plate items that may be of sentimental value to the Congregants of the Church. Since they have not been used for many years, we will dispose of them. Some probably will be offered for sale at the Palm Sunday OGHS auction.

However, we wanted to provide a list of the items before moving forward in case anyone wants to purchase or otherwise acquire them. Don Damick arranged to have them appraised at no cost by Eli Estate Jewelers of Rochester.

These items are listed below. A couple of items are of value as antiques, and their appraised value is given in the list below.

Here is the list: 1 coffee pot, 1 large Compote, 3 plates, coffee urn and burner, Silver and Copper coffee urn, sugar and creamer, 1 large sugar and creamer set, Antique Coffee Urn 1956 given to William Hogarth ($150 value), 2 Candle sticks-Olga VM Reed, Tea pot, 2 plates, 2 Shell plates – N.  Presbyterian Church to celebrate Frederick Browhlle’s 50th anniversary in 1960 (spelling?) $175-$200 each, coffee pot lid and 2 large serving trays.

These items are at the Church and Don has pictures of each item. If anyone is interested in these items please contact me (, 315-521-2498) or the Church office.

Since the items are silver plated only they are little value, about $1/lb as scrap or to be melted down other than as their value as antiques.

Church Silverplate