For over 220 years the Presbyterian Church has been a presence in Geneva, and that presence has made an importance difference in the lives of members, friends and in the local community. We can’t continue to support our vibrant programs by using the principal of our endowment, as we have done for decades. We are at a crossroads, with an opportunity now to ensure the financial sustainability of The Presbyterian Church in Geneva into the future.
In the next few months, we will be visiting all members and friends of the church to ask you to join in the Ensuring Our Future Appeal and the Annual Stewardship Campaign and to hear what you have to say about our church and its future.
This is the time to act. We are a vibrant church blessed with active and generous members and investments that total nearly $1.5 million. With these bountiful resources, we have the ability to achieve financial sustainability that will last for generations.
The Goal for the Appeal
The goal is to raise $3 million in permanent endowment. This will yield, on average, about $150,000 per year in interest and yields to cover annual expenses of our ministry and mission that aren’t met with pledges, plate offerings, and current investment income.  We are pleased to report that even though the Appeal has just begun, we have received nearly $350,000 in pledges. 
The Goal for the 2020 Stewardship Campaign
The goal is to increase pledges by 20% over the amount pledged in January, 2019, if at all possible. The request for a 20% increase in pledges for the last 6 months of 2019 has met with an excellent response, and we sincerely thank those who have pledged increases.  We encourage everyone to continue their increased giving through the end of this year. It is anticipated that this 20% over last January’s level will be included in the budget for 2020.

Timeline of Events:

Now through the end of 2019: Every pledging unit in the Church will be called upon. At that time, you will receive a brochure, a pledge card for the Appeal, and a pledge card for the Stewardship campaign. The callers will come ready to listen to your questions, suggestions, and concerns as well as to answer your questions.

Mid-October: A letter describing the Appeal and the Campaign will be sent, along with a Stewardship pledge card (unless you have already received this through the calls), a card for your per capita pledge, and the Time and Talent sheet.

November 10: Pledge Sunday. We hope that all of you will return the Campaign pledge cards, the per capita cards, and the Time and Talent sheets by then. There will be bulletin inserts and Moments for Mission on the Sundays preceding Pledge Sunday.

Appeal pledge cards: These can be returned any time after you have been called upon, but we hope to have everything completed by the end of 2019.

Please give prayerful consideration about your individual pledge to the appeal and to the annual stewardship campaign. Together, we have an opportunity to ensure the financial health of this Church in perpetuity.


Appeal and Sustainability Committee members:

Walt Gage, Elizabeth Newell, Fritz Aude, Rick Bley, Don Damick, Gary Harman, Judith McKinney, Jennifer Morris, Beth Reiners, Don Wertman