The Great Ends of the Church

The Great Ends of the Church graphic
“Aren’t we lucky?” people often say to me. And, I don’t want to be rude, but I believe “That gift is a blessing and I am grateful to the person giving it. Also, I am thankful to God for making me aware of abundance even in scarcity”

Firstly, thank you for your commitment and generosity! Your commitment to give of your time, talents, and resources makes this church and ministry. Your abundant donations towards the renovation of this church building and steady pledging and physical presence on Sunday morning makes a difference.

On November 11, you are invited to a feast of thanksgiving from the worship services to the dedication lunch. “Thanks a bunch lunch”. We will dedicate your pledges and the fabulous gift of the Steinway Grand in the sanctuary. (see I&S article).

Secondly, thank you for participating in the “Great Ends of the Church” creative worship. It will continue throughout November. The posters will be displayed in the fellowship hall. Please add your thoughts about the six principles of the church as we seek to live them today. I would like to continue our grateful and creative conversations. Collectively we have many ideas that strengthen, challenge and redefine our ministry in an age when the church seeks to be vital and responsive to God’s call.

Lastly, looking forward to Advent. I invite you to read and discuss “Celebrating Abundance” by Walter Brueggeman for Advent preparation. There will be five copies in the office. I am willing to discuss his ideas over Sunday lunch or Sunday afternoon.

“Staying Grateful, Thankful and Blessed” Pastor Deb