I must offer my most sincere thanks to the synod and congregation for supporting our recent expedition to Presbyterian Youth Triennium at Purdue.

We had an absolute blast scootering across campus and grooving to various energizers at worship. It’s not every day that you’re ushered into a music hall that seats 5,000 for service, no less by a Beyonce hit single. This year’s theme provided ample opportunity for Presbyterian youth to answer God’s call to tune our hearts to His orchestra, to wholeheartedly play in the song that is this life, each note ringing with new adventure and the eternal resonance of His presence. Adapted from “Come Thou Font,” the “Here’s My Heart” theme has called me to reciprocate the kindness done unto me at Triennium in the form of dedicated service to those who are weary and in desperate need of the love God calls us to radically give. Thanks again, Geneva Presbytery, for making this trip possible; I would love to return in future years as an advisor or member of the PYT Work Crew.
God Bless,
Audra Burrall

Dear Congregation,
Thank you for funding most of my Triennium experience. I had a great time in worship as well as meeting new people and making new friends. My favorite part about worship was that it was fun, not as serious, but I still learned. It doesn’t matter what other people think; my faith is still my faith.
Thanks again,
Aaron Carle

Thank you to everyone who contributed to Triennium and made it possible for me to go. I really enjoyed worship because of how immersive it was and I liked that it got you off your feet. I also enjoyed the free time on campus and it gave us the experience of navigating around campus as if we were college students.

Thanks again,
Nehemiah Williams

Dear Congregation,

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the 2019 Triennium. It was a truly incredible experience, and I wouldn’t have been able to go without all of your support. Triennium was the chance to do so many new things, and I enjoyed every minute. I met so many new friends from all around the nation, and even some international youth. I loved trading pins with everyone because now I have awesome souvenirs and they are from everywhere! The worship services were also one of my favorites. The energy in the music theater was insane. Every Reverend delivered a wonderful sermon, and every day we would sing, dance and be super loud! The food was great, the air conditioned dorms were even better, and the best part was getting even closer with God. Every activity there always had something to do with Him, and it was a great time learning more and expanding our relationship. Again, thank you so much for my Triennium 2019 experience. I will always remember the amazing friends, memories, and more.

Elizabeth Komara

Dear Congregation members,

Wow! What an experience! Triennium was such a fun trip. Without the support of all of you it would not have been possible for all of us to participate, and so I say thank you. Thank you for helping me deepen my faith on this wonderful journey. During this Triennium I have learned how to better understand myself and appreciate those around me by giving me new ways to reflect on my thoughts and actions. I enjoyed tremendously the sermons, activities, and opportunities provided at Triennium. I hope it continues for a long time so others may take in the knowledge provided by this spiritual gathering.

Luke Weber

Dear Presbyterian Church,

Thank you for supporting me as a delegate to Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2019 at Purdue University. This being my first trip to Triennium I wasn’t sure what to expect. When Pastor Deb asked if I would be willing to chaperone I agreed without knowing what lay in store. My younger sister, Audra, boarded our chartered bus a repeat delegate. I stepped on behind her a reliant older brother.

What came to pass when we arrived in West Lafayette, Indiana was roughly four days of uncomplicated fun. During this time period my fellow advisors and advisees were able to take part in the kinds of summer activities that aren’t all that easy to come by. Through music, discussion, arts and crafts, food, and worship we were able to place the demands of our home lives aside and connect with one another and ourselves through faith. Triennium gave me the opportunity to take stock of those areas of my life I don’t normally have time for, and be thankful for all that my Confirmation has given me. PYT 2019 also gave my sister and I the space to share before her foray into undergraduate education. Outside of our Triennium responsibilities Audra and I were reminded of our common religious beliefs and values, roots that will forever be intertwined.

I feel particularly fortunate to have been given this opportunity as an advisor. My days spent at Purdue reiterated the teachings of Christ and how I live out those teachings in my everyday life.

Thank you again for supporting my journey.

In appreciation,
Trevor H. Burrall